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Accident Compensation
We act as ACC agents for many clients, checking levy invoices and advising clients of amounts payable.

ACC Coverplus Extra
We strongly recommend ACC Coverplus Extra to our clients. Extra is a flexible alternative to the standard ACC CoverPlus and is available to self employed people operating as sole traders, partnerships and limited liability companies where “ND” (no deduction) salaries are determined at year end. It is not available to any employees having PAYE deducted. 

An increasing number of our clients will relate to the difficulties encountered when trying to prove loss of earnings to ACC when applying for earnings related compensation under the standard ACC CoverPlus policy. Often this results in little or no earnings related compensation being received. The advantages of Extra are:

  1. You negotiate the level of earnings cover, which has to be related to past earnings (subject to minimums and maximums below)
  2. You receive 100% of the agreed amount of lost earnings cover (not 80% as occurs with ACC CoverPlus)
  3. You do not have to prove loss of earnings when making a claim
  4. Your weekly payments are not reduced if your business continues to generate an income during your time off or if you return to work on a part time basis

 For the year ended 31 March 2011:

  • The minimum level of compensation that you can nominate is
     $400 (before tax) ($20,800 p.a.)
  • The maximum level of compensation that you can nominate is
    $1,692.60 (before tax) ($88,015 p.a.)

We see considerable merit in switching to Extra which can be done at any time. For the period from 1/4/2010 to the date of switch you will pay the standard premium. From the date of switch to 31 March 2011 you will pay the Extra premium.

If you are interested in changing to Extra please telephone or email us now.


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